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Excellent BearHere are a few odds and ends on a chilly New England morning.

This just in from the always-worth-reading Dr. Victor Davis Hanson:  Wiemar America.  Dr. Hanson is 1) extremely knowledgeable about classical history and comparisons with modern events, and B) not optimistic about the state of affairs in the U.S. today.

Her Royal Highness Hillary I’s email troubles just keep getting worse.  It’s still staggering that anyone in the Democratic Party still thinks this woman should be President – but, there you are.

West Virginia joins the list of states with Constitutional Carry.  There is such a bill in Colorado now, but let’s be real – it ain’t going anywhere.  The Republican state House may pass it, but the Democrat-controlled state Senate won’t.

bears-cute-awesome2-12Meanwhile, and in many ways equally baffling – the Trump Train just keeps on a’rolling.  The Donald can now add Nevada to his growing list of primary-season wins.

Seriously, though:  If The Donald wanted to clinch the nomination today, Art of the Deal maven that he is, he may want to consider making some offers:

  • Promise John Kasich the VP slot, delivering Ohio in the election and making the Ohio Governor the 2024 heir apparent.
  • Offer Ted Cruz a Supreme Court seat.
  • Offer Marco Rubio a plum Cabinet spot – SecTreas, perhaps?
  • Offer Ben Carson the Surgeon General slot.

In return, they all suspend their campaigns and jump on the Trump bandwagon.  Deals are supposed to be his thing, after all.  Let’s see some wheelin’ and dealin’!