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BearLaughing1Hackers hit where hackers will; this time they hit notorious infidelity-seekers site Ashley Madison.  Excerpt:

As financial experts weigh in on what it might mean if hackers deliver on their threats to expose the 37 million users of online cheating site, relationship and legal experts contemplate what it might mean for marriages — and the end of them.

Despite some lawyer’s predictions, New York City divorce attorney Morghan Richardson does not expect a mass-exposure of Ashley Madison members to lead to a rush of divorces, as “everyone deals with infidelity differently.” Also, she calls notions that proof of an affair means a better settlement “a notion from the 1950s,” as no-fault divorce reigns in the majority of states. With rare exception, judges simply don’t care why you and your spouse are splitting up.

“There is a real cultural disparity between what people expect will happen in court in the case of infidelity, and what actually happens,” says Richardson. “ The ‘victim’ believes that what happened to them is the worst of the worst. They instinctually believe the judge will let their husband or wife have it. But the judge has no interest in the salacious details of your marriage. To them, it’s just another relationship that didn’t work out.”

To us honest married folk, the hack has it’s aspect of schadenfreude.  But, honestly, I have no real issue with the existence of Ashley Madison; I even wrote a (pre-crash and now lost) blog post on it once.  My take on would-be infidels is the same as on most activities of other people; I really don’t give a damn what they do, as long as they leave me alone.  Now, sure, some folks are using it to betray their spouse’s trust, and that’s a bad thing – but it’s also between them and their spouse.

Thoughtful-BearBut I have been wondering a wonder about this hack, and about the threat to release personal information of site members – in how many divorce suits will these hackers be named?  In how many civil suits for personal and financial damages from destroyed marriages will these hackers find themselves on the defensive?

In our increasingly litigious society, one would think that would have occurred to these folks, pre-hack.