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The fuss in Charlottesville, VA is still cooling down – sort of.  The media everywhere is still picking over this incident, trying to make some sense of the whole thing; of course, there isn’t too much to pick over.  This was two groups of assholes, being assholes.

But while the legacy media wrings their hands, here is a pretty level-headed pieced of commentary.  Excerpt:

After months of work and hype on social media, Unite the Right managed to get 200 marchers to show up in Charlottesville Friday. On Friday night they marched around with tiki torches and waved flags without incident. On Saturday a group of Antifa counter protesters showed up. The counter protesters proceeded to attack the Unite the Right Marchers and a riot broke out.

According the the Virginia ACLU, the Charlottesville police stood down and did nothing to control the situation. During this riot a supporter of the march, it is unclear if he is a member of any of the organizations there, slammed his car into a crowd of counter protesters killing one person and injuring 19 others. It is unclear if the driver had planned to do this to any counter protesters before the march or if he just took the riot as an excuse to do it.

Those are the facts as we know them currently. What they mean can be debated. Any debate about this subject should be based upon facts, not assumptions or hasty generalizations. What can we reasonably conclude from the known facts? Three things I think.

First, the white nationalist movement is still the same small, insignificant movement it always has been. Despite months of hype and work, the Unite the Right rally drew 200 people. The white nationalist KKK movement has been able to draw a couple hundred people at a national rally for my entire lifetime. So let’s stop with the nonsense about this being some significant rally or that the white nationalists are any more popular or emboldened today than they ever have been. They are not. It’s the same small group of morons that have always been there. The proof of that is in the numbers. If there had been 10,000 people at that rally, I might reconsider that. But there wasn’t.

Second, what played out yesterday in Charlottesville is just a repeat of what happened in Berkeley, Middleburg, NYU, and other places over the last year and a half. Some group Antifa finds objectionable has a speech or a rally. Then Antifa shows up and starts assaulting people and the police stand down, let them do it, and let the riot happen. That is exactly what happened yesterday. It should surprise no one that one of these riots has now resulted in someone’s death. The fact that the death was the result of the actions of the enemies of Antifa rather than Antifa itself, changes nothing. This was going to happen eventually.

Third, this is exactly what Antifa wanted. Their plan is always to attack their enemies hoping they fight back and then get blamed for the resulting violence. And time and again the police let them do it. Every time some self-righteous writer like David French gets up and talks about this being the result of the “alt right,” whatever that is, they are doing nothing but emboldening Antifa and encouraging this to happen more in the future.

Now, take a look at the bolded portions above – emphasis added by me.  That seems to be the common thread of the various protests-turned-riots over the last year or so:  The polices stand down and let the rioters riot.  Charlottesville, Berkeley, Baltimore, Ferguson – it’s always that common thread, police giving the rioters “room to destroy.”

Out on a limb.

Let’s make no mistake about it – in Charlottesville, both sides of this conflict are beneath contempt.  And at least at this point, it’s difficult to tell who cast the first stone, although we may well harbor suspicions – suspicions based on the experience of, say, Berkeley, where the fascists of the ironically-named “antifa” movements began the riots.

How long will it be before some ballsy Mayor revives the old tradition of a public reading of the riot act, followed by “now disperse, or you will be dispersed by force”?

I suspect it may be closer than we think.

  • Andrew Pearce

    I dunno, this post might be worth an update if/when the news gets out that

    a) the leader of the Unite The Right group until very recently was a member of the Occupy movement and an Obama supporter, [ this info from the left leaning SPLC ];

    b) the guy in the car may have panicked when his car was attacked. Watch one of those videos in slo-mo, and you can clearly see him driving slowly and carefully until someone lunges out with a bat or something and hits his car from behind. His new muscle car is about as far from Green as you can get, which may have been the “reason” he was hit. At that point he panics and hits the gas. Probably didn’t want to be another Reginald Denny. I’d be scared too, if I was an out-of-towner who took a wrong turn and found himself in the middle of an armed and angry mob.

    And c) this happened on George Soros’ birthday. Gosh, what a coincidence.

  • allen

    I’m still trying to figure out how the failed ideas of the left….nazis, the klan,and white supremacy…became part of the right wing.

    • Matthew Stuchlak

      Meanings have changed over time. Abraham Lincoln, were he alive now, would in no way be a Republican, yet “the party of Lincoln” still calls itself that as if he wouldn’t be horrified by what it’s become.
      And those ideas haven’t, unfortunately, failed, given they got our current president elected.

      • allen

        the klan is about 2,000 people. the nazis, probably the same. they had zero effect on getting trump elected. they’re just the shiny thing the news media wants you to look at.

        • Matthew Stuchlak

          There’s more to white supremacy than those who are openly members of the KKK and Stormfront. President Trump’s statements on Mexicans, immigrants, Muslims, women, etc… are a matter of public record. They aren’t secret. Likewise, Steve Bannon’s part in Trump’s campaign, his place in the administration, and his views are all things you can google. And David Duke giving Trump his support (and Trump taking a really long time to repudiate him). And on and on.
          And the reason why American Nazis and the KKK are “shiny” currently is because, well, they held a rally last Saturday. If the news media wants me to look at them, it’s because they’re damn well worth looking at- and being angry about.

          • allen

            the black panthers gave obama their support. zero repudiation. zero even calls to repudiate.

            the muslim brotherhood gave obama their support. again, zero calls to repudiate. and they’re classified as a terrorist organization among many other countries.

            the real thing that’s going on here is exactly what happened to the black panthers and the militias in the 90’s. attach a radical element that wasn’t there in the first place..richard aoki and the neo-nazis, respectively…and radicalize or collapse those organizations through marginalization.

            it shouldn’t surprise you that much of this leads back to the FBI.

            richard aoki, the man who radicalized the black panthers,was an FBI informant. (so, this sort of thing happens both to left and right wing groups)

            timothy mcveigh spent weeks prior to the bombing at a place called elohim city…run by “andy the german”..also an FBI informant.

            hal turner was one of the leaders of the white supremacist movement..also an FBI informant.

            “blaine cooper”/stanley hicks ran security at both bunkerville and the Malheur wildlife refuge…he also set up the convoy where lavoy finicum was killed and conveniently did a U-turn just before the police turned up..also an FBI informant.

            current estimates are that about 1/3 of the people at malheur are listed on court documents as FBI informants.

            ed brown standoff in 2007, about half of the people there are listed as FBI informants.

            “once is happenstance. twice is coincidence. three times is enemy action”

            the FBI are running these groups. or at the very least shepherding them in the directions they want to go.

            and before you say “conspiracy theory” much of what I just said is outlined in the Snowden Papers, which are up on Wikileaks.